Powershell and SQL: Alert for users stuck in Winscribe database

I’m slowly learning about SQL, and I’ve found that there are some things in our databases that I would like to check on automatically with Powershell. The lowest hanging fruit was to check for users that are stuck in Winscribe’s database. Because we have concurrent user licensing, stuck users cause us headaches. If a zombie […]

Back from the Dead

So things have finally calmed down enough at work that I can give some more attention to the blog again. I’ve been writing quite a number of knick knack scripts as of late so I’ll start sharing those on the previous Monday/Wednesday schedule (with Joseph usually rounding out the week on Friday). One especially cool […]

Echo! Echo! Echo!

Wow, neither Joseph or I have updated since October! First off we are still alive and well. I know he has many articles yet to share, but I think he was waiting for me to get off of my butt and produce more content. I’ve been one of the main role players in a major […]

Using AutoIt: Hotkey for IT Phone Support (Help users help you)

Many times when a user calls IT, they aren’t even sure where they are in a building, let alone the “Computer Name” we ask for every time. I wrote a program that reduces a game of 20+ questions to maybe 5. If you can get the user to press a keyboard combination, then hopefully they […]

Using AutoIt: Analyzing slow boot time in Windows XP

Our users were complaining of slow boot time, especially during “Applying Computer Settings”. I researched on what might be going on during this process, and found that you can turn up the level of information recorded to your userenv.log to see more of what the OS is “thinking” during startup. I looked for tools to […]